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Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio: Astrological profile summary

The eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio, focuses its energy on seeing and understanding people’s emotions and how they interact with the surrounding world, as opposed to the prior sign, Libra, which prefers taking a more practical approach to the outside world. Scorpio as a sign represents Sex and Death, the starting and ending points of everything, and they choose to use their emotions to explore these ideas. Scorpios are questioning people, and like to analyze everyday problems and ideas to their very core, most of the time being helped by their instincts. Scorpio rules the eighth house: the House of Sex.

Scorpio: An in-depth look at the astrological profile

This sign’s assigned symbol is the Scorpion. Just like the animal itself, Scorpios are determined and don’t like leaving other people in charge. Just like a scorpion that would rather kill itself than be killed by another animal, people born under this sign can get self-destructive. Their decisive nature will most likely not let anyone or anything change their minds. 

People born under Scorpio are opinionated and strong-willed, and will not give up on projects that any other person would have left to the side long ago. These characteristics help Scorpios solve problems that others would just not have the patience for.

From this point of view, Scorpios perfectly mirror the fixed quality that they have assigned. This is one of the power signs (just like Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius), and they follow their own purposes and are not people who give up on their projects before they’re done. Someone who might try to make a Scorpio change his or her mind will most likely not be successful.

People born under Scorpio are private and most often not very easily understood, so even the ones closest to them may not understand their motivations. On the Zodiac chart, Scorpio sits opposite to Taurus, a sign of Possessions. Even though both signs are possessive, Taurus focuses more on personal property while Scorpio is looking more at community resources and group investments. Also, people born under this sign are fountains of energy and never miss their self-confidence.

The ruling planets for this sign are Mars (the God of War in ancient mythology) and Pluto (the God of the Underworld). With the influence they receive from Mars, Scorpios are tactical and prefer not to be in the spotlight, making this sign completely different from other signs that like being the center of attention. 

As a ruling planet, Pluto (representing Death and Ending) exemplifies the strong regenerating nature of the Scorpio: when the scorpion loses its tail, he will grow it back, and just in the same way, a Scorpio will readjust and make most of its resources even in the most difficult of times. Also, Pluto, as a ruling planet, helps people born under this sign not to go from possessive to selfish.

This sign’s associated element is Water, which makes Scorpio an emotional sign: People born under this sign see the world through emotion, rather than practical or intellectual points of view. Scorpios like to think that “still waters run deep,” and even though they may not show it very often, they are sensitive and intuitive. Scorpios are full of energy, and they can channel it in both positive and negative directions—and may become vengeful and unable to let go of their troubles. They are also driven and faithful, but many times their strong-willed nature can be mistaken for strictness and irony.

When they have a good reason motivating them, Scorpios will prove themselves to be arrogant and dominant, but not likely in an obvious manner. People born under this sign are intelligent and intuitive, and these two qualities give them the advantage of paying attention to the events going on around them. 

Scorpios are very insightful. Still, if they aren’t careful, their hard-working and passionate way of being can throw them into the opposite state, of laziness and coercion.

Just like the phoenix that came back to life from its own ashes, Scorpios will think of themselves as one, rising above all that is ordinary and turning into something fantastic, amazingly. Flaws like distrust and resentfulness can set them back, but if they focus on their main goal, they will most certainly make their point.

For their free time, people born Scorpio like to compete and be challenged. They will never accept just being part of the crowd, and definitely will not let anyone else win—especially a person they don’t see as being as qualified as they are. They enjoy any activity that will drive them one step further, and they don’t like placing second. In what concerns their relationships, Scorpios are loving, loyal, and of course, possessive.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, which is why people born under this sign are likely to develop infections and fevers more often that people born under other signs. The associated colors for Scorpio are vibrant and strong, just like the animal itself: red and black.

Scorpio’s great strength stands in their dedication to completing projects and not allowing themselves to get bored from their assignments which helps them accomplish everything they want to. Their zest and force make Scorpios one of the most powerful signs of the Zodiac.


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