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Sagittarius: Astrological profile summary

The ninth sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is a sign that likes to use knowledge and information to filter the world. It is a also a sign of philosophy and religion, thus people born under this sign are habitual learners, always trying to find the truth and meaning of life, and exploring everything through their own set of knowledge. Their main purpose in life is learning. As the ninth sign, Sagittarius is ruled by the ninth house: the House of Philosophy.

Sagittarius: An in-depth look at the astrological profile

The astrological symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer—a Centaur, half man and half horse. Sagittarius is the only sign of the Zodiac that is half-man and half-animal. In ancient mythology, centaurs were great learners and intellectuals, but they were also stubborn and aggressive, and this can be seen in people born under Sagittarius. 

Sagittarians are neither fixed nor opinionated, and they don’t have agendas; rather, they are people who try to take things as they come. From this point of view, Sagittarius mirrors the mutable quality assigned to it. Sagittarians are people who love their freedom—of any kind—and have a tendency to be assertive and independent.

Within the Zodiac, Sagittarius sits opposite Gemini, which is the sign of communication. While Geminians like to learn a little bit about all the subjects, Sagittarians prefer a deeper and more focused learning. They are adaptable and take things one step at a time, but even they can sometimes be anxious and ambitious if things aren’t going the way they want them to.

This sign is ruled by the Planet Jupiter, who in ancient mythology was the King of the Gods. Jupiter represents growth in all its forms, including the desire for continuous improvement and interest in breaking their own records that we find so prominent in Sagittarians. This can also mean excess. 

Jupiter is also the Planet of Luck, and many people born under this sign are very lucky. Jupiter doesn’t only rule Sagittarius (a masculine sign representing the day), but also rules over Pisces (feminine or night aspect of the planet). Both of these astrological signs focus on reflection, meditation, and surpassing one’s own limits. Pisces has a more emotional view of the world, while Sagittarians would rather explore the world in a more philosophical manner.

Even though from time to time they can hold off fulfilling their tasks or seem lazy, Sagittarians always prove themselves to be reliable and lovable, and can easily adjust to all situations. While they can seem to be wasteful and pretentious, they usually are fun-loving and generous people.

This sign’s associated element is Fire, making it a more physical sign: Sagittarians usually respond to the outside world using means of action, rather than emotions or intelligence, and even though they are the kind of people to rush into getting the job started, unlike the Arians, they will not hurry into getting it done. They much rather prefer to take everything out of life, and they will do it themselves, getting all the possible help from their wonderful and social personalities.

Open-minded and exciting people, they have a tendency to speak their minds rather than weighing their words, which can make them seem reckless and inconsiderate in the eyes of others. They are great optimists and believe in honest relationships with other people, but this can make them seem oblivious and impulsive. Many people born under Sagittarius like traveling and studying and are very fun loving. 

They also like to be surrounded by friends, many of them even being natural comedians, enjoying the attention they get in this way. Their natural self-confidence makes them great conversational partners, and they are open to learning anything they might not know.

For their free time, people born under Sagittarius prove themselves to be very athletic. They like being challenged, by themselves or by an opponent in sports that test their endurance and their limits, such as big game fishing or even skydiving.

Sagittarians are lucky people, and they may even like gambling. The fact that they are true philosophers makes them enjoy mental challenges, like drama and debating. In their relationships, people born in Sagittarius are teasing and fun.

Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs, and sacral area; subjects can suffer from ailments of the hips and thighs and are liable to sciatica and rheumatism. The specific colors of this sign are brown and navy blue.
The biggest asset of this sign is its philosophical and exploring nature: Sagittarians need to know that they are taking the most from each day and from life itself, not giving up on any experience life may bring. 

The love of knowledge and discovery that Sagittarians possess makes them one of the most intelligent and educated characters of the Zodiac.


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