Operating Systems: Windows VS Ubuntu

Most people have the Windows operating system because it came on their system. Others have always had Windows and have never known anything else. However with technology evolving and companies increasing the cost of their software there has been a number of open source software that has hit the market. On top of open source software there has been a few operating systems that have come along as well. Linux has always been well known by those who promote open source software. Now there’s been an evolution off of Linux and Ubuntu was born. There are positives and negatives to each operating system. If you’ve never looked past Windows before you may reconsider after reading further and may even change your plans for your next PC upgrade.

Operating Systems: Windows VS Ubuntu

When it comes to installation everyone wants software that’s easy to install. Even though Windows comes on most computers when they’re bought it’s important to know how easy it is to install an operating system just in case you have to format your computer. Both operating systems are relatively easy to install. In both cases you insert the disk and follow the on screen instructions. Ubuntu does have one advantage over Windows though. If you’ve never tried Ubuntu you can try it before you install it because it’s a LiveCD.

If you’re a novice at getting your computer to recognize new internal PC components then you’ll most likely find Windows to be easier in this department as the operating system will detect new hardware and add it. Even if it doesn’t find the hardware right away it has a device manager that you can use. Linux in general has become better at recognizing software in the recent years though.

Everyone will have to add and remove programs on their computer at some point. Luckily both operating systems make this extremely easy. Ubuntu does have an advantage over Windows in this department. You can simply look on the add/remove programs list to find software that is recommended by Ubuntu. This saves time as you won’t have to search the internet for programs.

Many people know that Microsoft charges for its well known Microsoft Office package, Ubuntu however comes with its own office programs from the get go that are free. While Windows also has a free OpenOffice program similar to Ubuntu’s, it’s by no means well known or widely used.

Finally both systems come with software for audio and video purposes. However neither system has a very good program for backing up the system. Most users have to rely heavily on third party programs for this.

Overall both operating systems have a full set of features for users to use. However, while Windows is slightly more user friendly, Ubuntu is free. Ubuntu may not have the publicity that Windows has however users have an opportunity to try a new operating system that rivals Windows for free. If they like it they can keep it and don’t have to pay for it.


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