The Importance of Networks and Wireless Networks

Computer networking has become an important part of everything that we do with computers. A home computer network can allow us to share files between our computers easily and effectively or it can allow us to play games with our friends and family members. With so many different types of games, a network is almost needed to take full advantage of the game’s features. A wireless network is even more valuable than a normal network as you can have more than five people connected to the network at once.

The Importance of Networks and Wireless Networks

Many gamers enjoy playing through LAN with their friends and family members. This is especially true if these gamers play Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing games or MMORPG. The problem with MMORPG’s is that the companies will usually charge the user a fee to play on their server every month. This means for two people to play you’d have to have two paid accounts. By using LAN you can set up your own little private server that will allow you and anyone else you want to be able to play for free. MMORPGS have become so popular because users can interact with each other in a virtual world and basically live a second life.

However to be able to life this second life with all of your friends at your house you will need the proper computer components. Not only will your computer need to be able to handle hosting and playing the game but your network will have to be able to handle all of the information going through it. If everyone is connecting to the router through a cord this won’t be a problem however if you have more than 5 friends trying to connect to a router you may have a problem since almost all routers only have 5 ports. Wireless networking becomes a very useful and vital tool in these situations. You’re able to allow as many people as you want to connect through the wireless router without having to worry about ports.

The problem with wireless routers is that you will need the right connection speed. Currently there are three standard speeds for routers and wireless networking setups. They are wireless B, G, and N. Wireless B is the slowest form of wireless networking that there is. You’ll most likely experience lag when playing games that are demanding such as MMORPGs. Wireless B connections usually max out at 54 mbps. Wireless G networks are a little better and can max out at around 109 mbps. However if you’re serious about hosting games you’ll want to stick with the wireless N setup. Wireless N is able to transfer an amazing 300 mbps which is almost triple the former technology. While G is standard in most laptops currently some laptops are already switching to the new wireless N cards.

If you’re planning on doing any type of wireless networking it’s important that you understand exactly what you need for the tasks that you’ll be doing. If you do then you won’t be upset by slow speeds or delays in a game.


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