Green Computer Components

Everyone’s trying to recycle and help clean up the environment in today’s world. Whether it’s using more recyclable goods or reusing things rather than throwing them away everyone is trying to do something to help the pollution problem. One thing that has helped improved the problem with pollution has been the reuse of PC hardware. Many people don’t consider what PC’s are really made of or what harm they can cause the environment. The truth of the matter is that PC’s have very dangerous chemicals in them and can damage the environment just as much as any other chemical if they are not disposed of properly.

Green Computer Components

You may not be aware of the fact that the CRT monitors contain several pounds of lead on average. While this isn’t as big of a problem anymore as computer monitors are switching to LCD there are still some CRT monitors out there. LCD monitors however are made up of liquid crystals. These crystals have the potential to be harmful to the environment as well. Rather than throw out your old computer parts you should try to seem another option to get rid of them.

Companies are trying to help improve this problem by making more “green product” electronics. For instance lead has been eliminated in many if not all DVD burners. However there are other chemicals that printed circuit boards contain that are harmful to the environment and humans as well. Since printed circuit boards are used in almost every electronic on the market we should learn how to safely dispose of these products.

Many computer companies such as Dell and HP have their own recycling programs for old PC’s if you are unsure what else to do with an old computer. However there are several other options as well if you want to put your PC to better use. You can take your PC computer system to a local charity or school or even Goodwill and donate it to them. This not only gives your computer a new life but it helps out your local community as well. 

If you have a newer system that might be worth some money then you can either give it as a gift to a friend or family member or sell it online via Craigslist or Ebay. These two sites have become very useful tools for recycling computers. Even if the computer is unable to work in its entirety you can sell the individual computer components to other users that buy up spare parts. They then in turn build systems with these parts and sell them for a small profit which allow for people that need inexpensive computers a chance to get one.

No matter which route you chose you’ll be better off than simply tossing your old machine in the garbage. Remember that the harmful chemicals in the computer will eventually reach a water supply and contaminate it. Then we’ll have to deal with a major problem that could have been simply avoided.


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