Fixing or Adding Parts to Your Laptop

If you own a laptop computer you can expect that you will have problems with it just like you would any piece of hardware or any computer. However the problem with a laptop is that it’s much harder to work on than a normal computer. This is because all of the parts are crammed into a much smaller place. In fact most people will never even try to tinker with a laptop, even those who have worked on desktops. This is not necessarily because they are afraid of working on them, it’s because they are a pain to work on. However you can still upgrade and fix your laptop if you have the patience and time to do so.

Fixing or Adding Parts to Your Laptop

Before you start playing with your laptop you should try to find a diagram of how it comes apart. If your laptop didn’t come with this information you can try searching Google or the manufacturer’s website. This will help you in taking apart the case without accidentally breaking something. In most cases you will have to remove the keyboard to gain access to the motherboard and other internal components. In some cases the laptop will have an access door on the bottom of it for the RAM and the hard drive. 

If you’re attempting to upgrade one of these aspects of your laptop then you should look to see if it has one of these access panels as you won’t have to take off the keyboard. The next important aspect is to insure that you’re grounded. It is easy on a desktop to touch the inside of the metal casing and be grounded however the laptop outside may not be fully metal. You should ground yourself to something to ensure that you don’t accidentally fry the components.

After you’ve removed the keyboard or found the access panel you should have no problem installing or removing your components. You should however ensure that you’re not putting any pressure on the monitor even with your hands. The LCD monitors are very prone to pressure and can easily be damaged.

After you’ve replaced the computer parts on your laptop you should put them in the static free bags that came with your new parts. You can then save them in case your parts are defective or go bad early. When you store your parts, you should ensure that they are not anywhere near a source of heat. Many people have storage rooms that contain dryers and that get very warm. This heat could potentially damage any parts that you are storing.

Finally if you have to take off the keyboard you should use a air dust can and dust your components off. Keeping your components free of dust and dirt will allow them to last longer. Since they sit right under the keyboard they receive more dust and dirt then they normally would. There is no reason not to clean it especially if you already have it apart.


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