Buy a Desktop, Laptop or Netbook?

If you’re planning on buying a computer then you may be debating between buying another desktop computer and switching to a laptop. There are many choices when it comes to both desktops and laptops. Each type of computer has its advantages and disadvantages. When you’re looking at a new computer you should use several factors to help you decide if you will be better off with a desktop, laptop, or a netbook.

Buy a Desktop, Laptop or Netbook?

You should start by figuring out what you all want your computer to be able to do. Desktops have a huge advantage over any other type of computer in terms of performance. This is because you have a lot of extra room to add any parts that you want to at any time. If you’re looking to have a machine that can be used for anything and everything and you don’t need to be able to move it around much then you should probably stick with a desktop computer. This will allow you to have a larger monitor and a more powerful machine.

If you’re new computer is going to be a business computer then you will have to evaluate what type of business you will be doing with it. Many people don’t evaluate what they want ahead of time and they buy whatever sounds good when they’re at the store. The best way to get a good deal is to know exactly what you want your laptop to do. If you don’t plan on doing any heavy computing then you should be ok with a middle of the road laptop. However if you’re only planning on using your computer for email and web applications then you may be better off with a netbook.

What is a netbook? A netbook is a new type of computer that is based off of a laptop. While it’s similar to a laptop in shape, a netbook tends to be much smaller than a laptop. Manufacturers are aiming to have a netbook be an inexpensive version of a laptop that can do almost every type of basic usage such as word processing and internet usage. However they are designed to be lighter and use less battery power. This means that they will be desirable for those people who have to check their email constantly or do other web applications but need something that is lightweight, portable, and doesn’t use a lot of battery power.

If you do buy a computer that’s a laptop or netbook then you will want to see if the store or manufacturer offers a replacement plan for the battery. This is because the batteries can run between $150 and $200 and easily cover the cost of any type of plan that is being offered. In most cases a person that uses their laptop with a battery on a normal basis will have to replace the battery after two years of usage on average. This can leave you battery-less or facing an expensive replacement bill if you don’t plan ahead for it.


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