Building a Computer Made Easy

Many people are under the assumption that it’s difficult to build a computer. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s very easy to build your own computer. If you’ve never built your own computer in the past then you will need only a few tools and some time to complete the project. There are several things that you will want to do when you’re preparing to build your computer.

Building a Computer Made Easy

Before you can build the computer you will need to acquire the parts to do so. There are many websites and stores that you can go through. When you’re trying to find parts for your new machine you will want to invest some time into researching where you can buy the parts from. This may take a little time but you’ll be able to find a good deal on parts somewhere.

So what components will you need? Well it depends on what you’re building the computer for. If you’re building it for computer gaming then you will want to make sure that you have a higher quality video card, ram, and processor. However if you’re building the computer for just doing day to day work on then you will be able to get by on parts that are just middle of the road parts. You’ll have to use your judgment on how powerful you want your components as each person builds a computer for their own reasons.

In general you will need a motherboard, ram, processor, heat sink for the processor, gel for the heat sink, fan for the processor, power supply, video card (if you get a motherboard or processor that doesn’t have an integrated graphics card), a case, and a network card if you plan to connect to the internet. After you have collected all of the parts you’ll need a few simple hand tools such as a flat head screwdriver. It’s imperative that your tools are not magnetic. There are special sets of tools that you can get for building a computer that also include a wrist strap to ground you to the case.

After you’ve gotten all of your tools and parts you’re ready to start building the computer itself. Most of the parts you will be able to snap into the motherboard after you’ve screwed the motherboard into the computer. It’s important to remember that the internal computer components are sensitive to static electricity. If you didn’t purchase a kit that came with a wrist strap then it’s important that you ground yourself by touching the metal of the case. This will ensure that you don’t fry any of your new computer parts.

For many people the fear of frying the internal parts is enough to stop them from wanting to build or fix a computer. However as long as you keep yourself grounded you won’t have anything to fear. While this is an important fact many people worry too much about it. When you’re building your computer you should always remember that you never want to force a part into place. Finally remember that building a computer is an easy task and just takes time and patience to do it properly.


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