Facebook Permalink

Facebook users of late have been complaining about not getting the Permalink of any Post shared on Facebook the easy way. High chances are that you also don't know the permalink of any post / photo you shared just now on Facebook.

Facebook Permalink

Permalinks help in sharing your desired content on other networks. For Example you shared a post on Facebook but now you want to post the link of that very post to other social forums to get more audience or you want to embed the post in your own blog. 

So i will tell you the easy way to get Facebook Permalink of your post.

First part:

Facebook Permalink

This is how a post looks like. Now to get permalink of this post you simply have to click on the Date / Time link just below the owners name which has been highlighted above.

Second Part:

Facebook Permalink

Once you click on the Date / Time link you will get the link similar to the pic shown here and this is your Permalink for this post. 

Kindly remove ?stream_ref=10 from the url which is not necessary.


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