Feeling addicted ? Use Facebook Logout Option.

While Facebook enjoys its worldwide success there are many side effects for many users who are using this social network on a daily basis.

Facebook Logout

Although this may sound absurd but it has to be accepted here that people get addicted to a popular theme quickly which tends to play down adversely in one's life. Also there is a saying that overdose of anything is lethal.

Most teenagers spend considerable time daily on Facebook which starts to affect their life after a period of time but they just can't afford to miss the excitement this platform offers to every user. This is what addiction is all about. You are lost into something and can't come out of it.

For this very purpose i will emphasize on Facebook Logout button which can solve this "problem" if i may use this word here. LOL.

There are 2 types of addiction on facebook:

1. First is browsing through news feeds , getting updates from fan pages etc. along with browsing friend's status or photos updates.


Sole option here is to completely log out from Facebook site which would mean no access to all those things.

To Logout from Facebook simply select the Top Right icon on your screen and you will get following menu:

Facebook Logout

Now just click on " Log Out" and you would now have enough time to devote to your family, friends, uncle, anyone with whom you can personally interact.

Feels good after Log Out. Right ?

2. Next is the Chat feature in Facebook which i guess keeps most users "BUSY" on this network.


Since this is only the Chat feature which needs to be shut down there is no need to completely Log out from the Facebook site and a solution to this problem can be found by just turning Chat feature off.

To do this, click on the Chat tab which is at the Right bottom of your screens showing number of online users as well. 

Next, click on the "GEAR" icon available at the top right side and now you should have an option to select the Chat feature OFF by clicking on "Turn off Chat" as seen in the below pic.

Facebook Logout

Once you do it, you are out of chat but remember you are not out of Facebook yet and before you get addicted to any other random thing on Facebook please read the other option which is posted above to completely leave Facebook for the time being.


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