Download your Facebook Data Smartly

Facebook is now the world leader when it comes to Social Networking and chances are that you also are one of its users. While some users use this network to stay updated with friends circle & to add new friends, others are quite active and also share their pictures / videos and any other story they feel like sharing with others.

download facebook

While Facebook itself is addictive for many this also means that active users till now must have shared enormous amount of pictures / videos etc without keeping a backup on their disk or in cloud services. 

Well, now no need to worry on this front as facebook now provides an option for users to download all of their shared data so that you can keep it safe in your preferred storage media.

Downloaded data will include all photos shared, your friends name, your removed friends, All messages received, details of ads campaigns, settings, pokes etc.

To download you facebook data follow the steps given below:

1. Click the Top Right button while being logged into Facebook.

2. Now click settings from the menu as shown below

download facebook

3. Now you will see the following screen and you need to click on " Download a copy of your Facebook data" which is circled for reference.

download facebook

4. Now just follow the instruction and click the middle button to start the process.

5. Once you successfully complete this step you will see following screen which confirms that you will get the notification in your email when your facebook data download is ready.

download facebook
6. That's it . Now wait for email to arrive which will provide link to download your data.


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